Key Features

Subject Bank

Subject Bank

  • 1.Create unlimited subjects.
    2.Manage questions inside subjects.
    3.Bulk Edit Questions



  • 1.Objectives,Subjectives,Fill in the Blanks And True& False.
    2.Questions difficulty levels(Easy,Medium,Difficult)
    3.Advance Question Editor(upload image,Embed videos and more)
    4.Hint for Questions during Exam
    5.Explanation for Question after exam
    6.Marks & Negative Marks
    7.Bulk CSV upload Question

  • Groups


  • 1.Categorize student into group for better management.

  • Result


    • 1.Detailed Result
      2.Group Rank
      3.Group Performance Chart



  • Advance Graphical Reporting and Analysis for individual and group as well.

  • Exams


  • 1.Free & Paid Exams
    2.Schedule Exam(Automatic)
    3.Assign Groups to Exam
    4.Attempt count for Exam
    5.Negative marks settings for Exam
    6.Control Result display after exam
    7.Control Question Randomization for exam
    8.Chose/Add Questions Manually from Bank

  • User Management

    User Management

  • 1.Create multiple admin and users
    2.User rights/permission controller

  • Flexible Settings

    Flexible Settings

  • 1.TimeZone management
    2.Header contact module management
    3.Email & SMS snotification setting
    4.Front End Registration Control
    5.Front End slideshow Control
    6.Paid exam Control
    7.Language Translator
    8.Leatherboard Module Control

  • Student Profile

    Student Profile

  • 1.Full Featured student profile & login
    2.Student E-Wallet for Payment Records
    3.Student Profile Management
    4.Bulk edit options for students

  • Payments


  • 1.Integrated paypal
    2.E-Wallet for offline payment
    3.Transaction history

  • User Manual

    Admin Login

    Student Login